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The Truth About Italian Furniture: Is It Really As Expensive As Everyone Thinks?

Take the well-known Italian brands Fendi Casa or Edra, and it’s easy to see why Italian furniture has attracted the reputation as the most expensive in the world.

But is that really the case?  Is Italian furniture solely for the privilege of those with healthy budgets or is there a way for everyone to enjoy Italian-made in their home?

‘Italian-made’ isn’t just a stamp of origin; it says, with great confidence, that it’s the best.  That reputation goes back many, many years ago.  Italian design has led the way in the world of fashion and interiors for centuries, and as a result, the country has become well-known for its design prowess and unparalleled craftmanship.  

That hasn’t changed over time, either. Italians are still immensely passionate about their workmanship, quality materials and trend-setting talents – but these days, those styles and designs can be found in both luxury and affordable furniture ranges.

High-end design filters down  

There will always be Italian furniture at the high end of the furniture spectrum. Discerning buyers and interior designers like it that way. But, just as haute couture fashion filters down from the Milan catwalks to high street shops, so do many of the Italian furniture designs.

The more expensive items of Italian furniture are investment pieces.  They will last the test of time and can be passed down through the generations.  The materials used will be premium stock, from the woods to the fabrics, and the craftmanship will be perfect.

Affordable Italian furniture exists and its better than most

There are affordable Italian designs, however, that will give you a great deal more than your average mass-produced furniture offerings.  The beauty of Italian design, whether it’s a luxury kitchen or high street option, is that its origin guarantees beauty.  

Whilst the lower budget ranges won’t necessarily use the high-end materials of the lux collections, they will still be made with passion, care and creativity.  In other words, the esteemed mark of Italian-made is evident on all the country’s furniture, regardless of how much you spend.

So, yes, Italian furniture can be expensive – for all the right reasons – but there is now a great deal of choice available for a range of budgets, which means that everyone can enjoy the beauty of Italian design in their home.

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