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The Kitchen Colour Trend For 2020 Is… (Drum Roll)…

If you’re planning on giving your kitchen a facelift in 2020, there’s one colour you can expect to see featured in interior design magazines and stylish homes throughout the UK…


The colour of the year for 2020  

Whilst we’ve been big fans of blue kitchens for many years, we’ve seen a burst of interest in the colour since the Pantone Colour Institute (the people behind the universal colour palette) announced that Classic Blue is the Colour of the Year for 2020.

This particular shade of blue will undoubtedly be seen throughout the interiors and fashion world but for kitchens in particular it offers a shade synonymous with connection and tradition.

As a darker shade of blue (think the sky at dusk), it’s a grown-up, timeless colour that exudes confidence.

How to use blue in kitchen design

In a white kitchen, this darker blue cabinetry adds richness and a sense of luxury to the room.  There’s no green hue in this shade; it’s a true blue and incredibly versatile as a result.  It can be paired with many other colours depending on the look you want to achieve.  From contemporary to traditional kitchens, classic blue can easily find its place.

It’s difficult for this particular shade of blue to look cheap, too, which is why it lends itself so well to the luxury end of Italian kitchen design.  Complementing the shade with white marble counters, brass taps and oak flooring results in an impeccably high-end look.

Blue appliances and splash-backs offer an alternative pop of colour if you prefer to keep your cabinets neutral.  The same can be said for blue furniture, accent walls, kitchen accessories and décor.  You could be brave and opt for a deep blue kitchen  floor or you can play it safe by introducing the blue slowly with a rug, window blind, wall art or lighting details. 

It’s up to you how blue you go but you really can’t go wrong with the elegance of Classic Blue.

Alternative shades of blue for kitchens

Don’t feel you have to follow the trend – but don’t give up on other blues in the process.  The blue palette has many shades, depths and tones to choose from.

Before Classic Blue was announced, navy blue had been enjoying its own fair share of attention in kitchens for a good two years, thanks to its ability to be either a neutral or statement colour.

Whether you crave the warmth of the marine colours, the cool, calm shades, or the light and breezy pastels, the blue spectrum has something to offer every style and personality in 2020.

Want some inspiration and more kitchen colour ideas?  Take a look at our projects or contactKitchen Articles our friendly Italian interior designers for advice.