la bella vita

Move Over Hygge – It’s Time For La Bella Vita

We’ve had the cosy candlelit Hygge from the Scandinavians, and the meaningful Ikigai from Japan.  Now, as we enter we enter a new decade, it’s time to celebrate all that life has to offer with La Bella Vita.

Literally translated as ‘the good life’, la bella vita embodies the deep-rooted lifestyle and love of the Italians.

La bella vita is about enjoying life, taking the time to savour the best of it with those closest to you.  

Food, family and friends

Food is, of course, central to a life well-lived in Italy; it’s what brings people together.  From the growing of vegetables and the communal cooking to the family coming together to enjoy the feast, it’s no surprise that the kitchen and dining room are central to la bella vita.

Picture beautiful kitchens with large tables, islands and plentiful kitchen workspaces where friends and family can help with the food preparation while chatting and socialising.  

Then, as the house fills with the aromas of fresh herbs and mouth-watering Italian cooking, someone pours a perfectly paired glass of Italian red and everyone comes together to eat around the grand table in the dining room or outside, al fresco, to savour every mouthful over passionate conversation and laughter. 

Italians are committed to food like no other nation.  Their appreciation for cuisine runs deep.  Children are encouraged to help in the kitchen from an early age and eat the same as the adults do.  There’s no separate menu or kid’s meals here.  Italian dining is a time when the family stops to enjoy each other’s company and, of course, the food.

Breathe in that Italian Coffee

At the core of la bella vita is a philosophy that encourages a slower pace of life.  No rush, no stress – just time to take it slow, enjoy the moment and smell that great Italian coffee.  It’s mindfulness, Italian style.

Naturally, the home is central to la bella vita.  Italians are house-proud and rightly so.  They love where they live and have an innate sense of style in their interiors, which is evident in every room of the house.  

An open door to a beautiful home

Their bedrooms are sumptuous, the bathrooms are lux.  Their living rooms are exceptionally stylish with thoughtful flourishes, elegant pallets and distinguished textiles.  Despite their excellent eye for style, an Italian’s home is always open, relaxed and welcoming for family and friends.

It’s time to embrace the good life – wherever you live.  Learn to love cooking, get your friends and family to help, slow down and take time to reconnect over great food in your beautiful home.  

In an always-on, overworked, digital world, la bella vita is the perfect antidote, don’t you think?