Contemporary, Classic and Clever

Once seen as simply a functional room in which to cook, the kitchen has become the hub of modern living – a tradition embraced by Italian families for generations.

As the sole distributor of our luxury Italian Kitchens we will work with you to create a unique Ital Living Kitchen that achieves the optimum result of not only looking aesthetically beautiful, but one that functions to serve the unique needs of you and your family.

Whether you favour sleek and stylish, or opt for a more traditional style, our team of designers will work with you to create an Italian kitchen truly unique to you. 

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"Minimalist design, maximum storage"


Sleek lines, cleverly designed hidden storage and a composite of contemporary materials with the latest in design, provides the basis of our striking modern Italian kitchen range.

Take a look at some of our kitchen projects to see how our designers have elevated these minimal looks into incredible design statements. Or come along to our showroom for ideas on how your own kitchen can reach its full potential.


A classic Italian kitchen evokes feelings of warmth and laughter with family and friends enjoying long relaxed lunches and vibrant evening meals.

Rich smooth woods offset striking marble worktops, which in turn compliment elegant handles, brass taps and smart storage for kitchens that perform as beautifully as they look.

Be inspired by some of our kitchen projects, or come along to our showroom to see how your own kitchen can be transformed.

"Bringing food and people together"

"Clever kitchen gadgets and hideaways"


From stylish wine coolers, drawer organisers to multi bin units and clever corner cupboards, our Italian kitchen accessories have turned smart storage into an art form.

Become your own bar tender or barista, or simply show off your pantry of dreams –  you simply won’t believe what’s hiding behind those beautifully crafted Italian cupboard doors!

Come and see for yourself the clever kitchen gadgets and hideaways that we can offer at our North London showroom.