Property Developers

Presentation plays a key role in marketing your property.

Services for property developers

We work with prestigious property developers who understand that home staging a property using high quality, stylish furniture, adds maximum value to a completed property. This is particularly true of the competitive London property market, which is leading the way with a staggering 98% furnished market.


"Attention to detail and experience "

We work very closely with developers and interior designers to furnish properties to a high standard in order to showcase the property to its full potential and promote as a lifestyle to a perspective buyer. 

We offer a quick turnaround of our quality furniture which is shipped directly from our Italian manufactures into the UK.

Furniture packs

We provide furniture packages on a single and multi-unit scale, partnering with both small private property developers, through to the leading larger UK plc’s.

We create unique styled furniture packages depending on the required function, be that, multi-unit ‘Buy to Rent’ schemes, or a single apartment home staging project.