4 Common Myths About Italian Furniture

Italian furniture is admired the world over for its craftmanship and design. 

Known as international trendsetters, Italy has been recognised as leaders in design for hundreds of years by architects, fashion houses and furniture designers.  Despite this centuries-old reputation and rich history in interior design, some people still get Italian furniture completely wrong.

It’s time we bust some common myths about Italian furniture:

Myth 1 – Italian furniture is expensive

Italian furniture is perceived as high-end and, whilst that is true in many cases, it can also be affordable. It all depends what you’re looking for.

People rely on the trusted quality behind the ‘Made in Italy’ stamp when purchasing an iconic piece of Italian design but, as with so many things, you need to look around and speak to the experts.

Many interior designers and discerning homeowners seek out expensive Italian furniture to suit a more luxurious interior look, but there is great choice available for people with smaller budgets and simpler styles.

You won’t ever find a cheap, mass-produced piece of furniture made in Italy, that’s for sure. Italian furniture is made with superior materials by generations of master craftsman, and this equates to exceptional value.  These pieces are built to last and designed to transcend fleeting trends, to give you a look that stands the test of time.

Myth 2 – Italian design is maximalist

Italy’s furniture history was steeped in opulence, which has created an image, in some people’s minds, of exotic ornateness and extrovert design.  The truth today is quite a different story.

Whilst Italian interiors don’t follow the minimalist Scandi look, modern furniture does present a more pared-back contemporary design that exudes a quiet confidence, albeit still with a touch of Italian lux.

Myth 3 – All good Italian design comes from Milan

There’s no doubt that much of Italy’s great design comes from the style capital, Milan, but that powerhouse of a city can sometimes overshadow the immense talent and workmanship residing in the rest of the country.

Venice has always been known for its extravagant interiors while Genoa in the northwest is famed for its luxurious fabrics.  Puglia, in the south, produces exquisite upholstery, while Lake Como is known for its beautifully crafted wooden furniture.

Good design runs through the very DNA of Italy, and outstanding furniture can be found in every region.

Myth 4 – Authentic Italian furniture is difficult to find in the UK

Well, this one isn’t completely untrue.  Interior designers like to keep their favourite suppliers to themselves and, when it comes to Italian furniture suppliers, people keep their insider tips close to their chests.  

You just need to know where to look and who to ask.

London is the best place to find authentic Italian furniture that has been designed, crafted and manufactured in Italy.  

Ital Living, based in North London, is the sole supplier for some of Italy’s most covetable furniture brands.  With a team of passionate Italian interior designers based in London, this furniture showroom and shop in Potter’s Bar is the go-to for many Italian furniture lovers.  

Follow the aromas of fresh Italian coffee from the northern part of the M25, and it will take you straight there. 

Now you know the truth about Italian furniture, isn’t it time you injected some Italian style into your home?